7 Sustainable Ways to Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

Sarah Bubenheimer

Holidays are often wonderful, fun-filled days of the year. One of the most enjoyable traditions of Valentine’s Day is exchanging gifts and spending time with partners and friends. However, this tradition also warrants an unnecessary amount of waste and consumption. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans alone spend around $14.1 billion on Valentine’s Day gifts. Valentine’s Day in particular produces an immense amount of waste from unwanted cards, flowers, jewelry, and more that will later end up in landfills. Instead, opt for presents that will leave a bigger impact on your loved one and a lesser impact on the Earth!

1. Make a Card Out of Sustainable Material

Get creative with old paper and materials lying around your house and use them to make a unique card for your loved one!

2. Opt For Experiences–Not Things

If you want to gift something marvelous, you might not even need material items. Something as simple as concert tickets, sporting events, or a trip to the spa is just as special.

3. Give Plants!

Flowers are stunning, but only last so long. A plant may be a better option! They will keep alive much longer, and will surely add liveliness  your home!

4. Take A Class Together

Try something new, such a yoga class or a cooking class, with your loved one! Not only will you get to spend time together, you might learn a new skill or hobby you love!

5. Buy Eco-Conscious Items

If your partner or friend could be a little more eco-friendly, getting them small sustainable presents such as reusable water bottles, coffee mugs, or food containers is an excellent idea.

6. Don’t Buy Tacky Gifts

Although the Valentine’s Day aisle at Pharmaprix is tempting, many of those gifts will be cute for a short period of time and then be disposed of in a landfill. They’re not very long-lasting or useful. Instead, buy some cute Valentine’s candies at Bulk Barn with your own sustainable packaging.

7. Make A Present!

If you’re crafty and creative, the options are endless! You can easily make bath bombs, candles, and shower scrubs at home. Baking sweet treats or cooking a meal is another delicious idea!

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