How it Works

What information do I need to provide in order to confirm my order?

Please fill in the Booking Request Form.


Once this information is received, the Dish Project Coordinator will either confirm or deny your request based on the availability of items. If confirmed, a pick-up and drop-off time will be established and the deposit required will be calculated.


Please note: We try our best to accommodate all of our order requests. To help us out, we ask all our users that booking requests be submitted at least 3 business days before events. We promise to try our best to accommodate last-minute orders, however there is no guarantee of receiving a response from The Dish Project if this form is submitted less than 3 business days away from events.

Are there costs and/or fees tied for using the project?

Members of the Concordia community can use the project with little to no rental cost, while community members at large are required to provide a $20.00 donation as a contribution to the project. The following additional fees may apply:


$10/hour late fee until the end of the volunteer’s shift, then will be counted by the day


$20/day late fee for Concordia groups


$40/day late fee for non-Concordia members


20¢/item cleaning fee if items are returned dirty


$10 processing fee for orders requiring 500 total items or more


The total value of any lost or damaged items will be taken out of the user’s deposit upon their drop-off. If these item replacement fees exceed the user’s deposit amount, then the user will have 10 business days to pay what is outstanding


Donations are greatly encouraged to keep the project running smoothly

How does the deposit work and what is it for?

All members using the project must provide a deposit totalling $20.00 plus 10% of the total value of items reserved. It ensures that the items we lend out will be returned to us. The deposit is fully refundable if all items are returned on time, clean, and intact. Cash deposits are the preferred method of payment, with cheques made out to Sustainable Concordia only being accepted for values over $100.

Do the items need to be cleaned?

There are 3 options when it comes to cleaning your items.

1. Items can be returned clean (i.e. cleaned by you before your drop-off).

2. If necessary, you can take advantage of our facilities (industrial dishwasher, sink space, cleaning supplies, etc.) to clean the items yourself at no additional cost.

3. You can request that Dish Project personnel clean your borrowed items, in which a cleaning fee of $0.20/item will be applied.

What if I miss or need to reschedule my appointment?

The Dish Project runs on very limited hours, and relies on the time and dedication of volunteers. Please be on time for your scheduled pick-up or drop-off.


To reschedule an appointment, send an e-mail at least 24 hour notice is required in order to accommodate the request. In the case of a late or missed appointment, late fees will apply at $10/hour and up to $20 or $40/day. Please contact the Dish Project immediately to schedule a new time.