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Please note: We try our best to accommodate all of our order requests. To help us out, we ask all our users that booking requests be submitted at least 3 business days before events. We promise to try our best to accommodate last-minute orders, however there is no guarantee of receiving a response (denial or confirmation) from The Dish Project if this form is submitted less than 3 business days away from an event. Although meeting the demands of all our requests is typically not a problem, booking as far in advance as possible increases the chance that users will be able to receive their orders as requested. As we operate on a first-come, first-served basis, there is no guarantee that requests will always be met with confirmation, even if order requests are placed 3 or more business days in advance as our inventory is limited to the quantities listed below and may already be booked.

Downtown Inventory

196 Coffee Cups
41 Saucers
8 Creamer/milk jugs
110 Mix’n’Match Mugs
14 Plastic Pitchers
3 5-Gallon Plastic Water Jugs
4 Carafes
12 Glass Pitchers
135 Big Glass Wine Glasses
138 Big Plastic Wine Glasses
46 Small Plastic Wine Glasses
49 Water Glasses
166 Drink Tumblers
118 Cocktail Glasses

1 Cake Dome
Glass Drink Dispensers
Electric Food Warmers
Baking Pans 




195 Dinner Plates
198 Appetizer Plates
190 Bowls
11 Mini Bowls
24 Serving Platters
8 Serving Bowls
51 Square Ceramic Plates
3 Oval Serving Bowls

196 Dinner Forks
203 Dessert Forks
322 Dinner Knives
79 Steak Knives
195 Teaspoons
203 Tablespoons
50 Tongs
20 Serving Spoons
1 Spreading Knife
Kitchen Knives
Cake Servers





Loyola Inventory

Serving Spoons
5 Small Tongs
108 Dinner Forks
24 Dinner Knives
36 Teaspoons
36 Tablespoons

3 Baking Pans/Food Warmer Pans
4 Serving Bowls
3 Serving Platters
1 Serving Tray

40 Square Ceramic Appetizer Plates
5 Plastic Pitchers
112 Small Plastic Wine Glasses
48 Drink Tumblers

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Located on the 7th floor of Concordia University's Hall Building

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